sexta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2009

this and that

Heyyyy everyone.

Sorry for having been gone for a while. I had a paper to write last week that was due monday and then this week has been a bit crazy. Feeling somewhat under the weather but I'll get through it.

Today was the LAST DAY of our prestage. I'm happy to be done with it, because it really was a lot of classtime and a lot of work, but my teacher was absolutely amazing, so I'm sad to see him go. He does teach classes throughout the semester so we'll see if I'm at a level high enough to take one. This is my friend Ashley and I with him. =]

Our break officially begins today, but I'm only heading out on Tuesday because my friend Rachel has an appointment in Nantes on Tuesday morning that she has to go to. She sent in her Visa paperwork right away and now needs a medical exam, kinda weird, but I guess that's how the French roll. I'll be doing that in a few weeks too.

Life here has been good, been having some fun times and seeing interesting things. We took a trip to Vannes last weekend which was nice. It's a port city in Brittany, very beautiful and historical. We got to take a ferryboat to a little island and eat crepes and everything. =] We even saw a pirate ship! Here's a little collage of pictures from on the boat and on the island.

A couple nights ago, before I fell ill, a small group of us went to a hookah bar. It was small and very nice, cheap, and was playing Indian music which was great and made me miss Shelly hehee. Mostly it was just very chill, no alcohol allowed or anything. I was a fan. But all I wanted was coffee with my hookah, and they didn't have it, so maybe next time I'll bring in my own or something, hehee.

Ok well I'm going to nap now, try to rest up a bit and get better. Yesteday I got home from class around 2 and just slept and slept. Felt really nice. I even found a link for House so I was ecstatic to be able to watch it. Most sites with videos on them don't work in Europe, so I've been a tiny bit deprived, but I'm all happy again. =] Bisous.

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  1. Wow Claudi, the chiaroscuro effect on this shot is awesome-- who took the pic?