domingo, 13 de setembro de 2009

fun weekend

This weekend was and continues to be a busy one, and I just found out that I have to write two papers for something back at ND asap, so the next update might not be for a little while, but rest assured I have some great photos so you'll enjoy it when it comes.
This weekend was really just fabulous. We took a field trip on Friday to these dug-out cave villages, got a tour of a cave winery (including some wine tasting of course), saw the view and got to take pictures in front of the tallest chateau in France (seven stories), and ate dinner in a cave restaurant. It was, needless to say, amazing. And this weekend there is this huge festival going on in Angers called Accroche-Coeurs, (with some accents on there somewhere,) that's a festival of Angels vs Demons. It's very French and therefore somewhat creepy, but also very cool. Weird costumes and thing going on all over the place. So pictures will come. But tata for now.

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