quarta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2009

they really DON'T wear deodorant...

couple more things:

I was going to put up lots of pictures. But I think I left my camera cord in the US. Because I'm just that cool. So I'll look around here some more, but they may just have to wait. Boo me? Well yes.

Oh funny story. I always was under the impression that the whole "French people don't wear deodorant!" thing was an American perpetuated stereotype. Well, on the plane, thanks to the gentleman next to me, I quite forcefully realized that, well, it is indeed a truth of the country. And, least I forget, whiffs in buses and crowded stores serve to remind me fairly often. I'm just grateful I have such a bad sense of smell, I can't imagine what it would be like otherwise....

I just finished dinner with my host family, and they told me to write in the blog about how well I eat, and I do think it deserves mention. Real meals here for me are a bit erratic, and don't always happen when or where they should, or even at all, however when they do, they are well worth it. The food is simple, and in theory very similar to US food, but it's ridiculously better. Subtly flavorful, combined with wine that is just miles beyond anything I've had before, and followed by completely delicious locally made cheese, which in the US I don't really ever eat, the meals here are fantastic. I'm definitely lucky.

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  1. From Tessie:
    "Mom read aloud your post about the food. So you don't like Mom's food?? You are mean. But I still love you."

  2. silly Tessie, I was talking about American food in general, not mom's!! I love mom's food, dont worry. and I'm glad you love me anyway. I love you too and I miss you a lot!!!