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Excursion Pictures

Ok here are two collages from excursions I've been to. Click on them to make them bigger.

The first is from L'Anjou Troglodytique village we visited. It was inhabited until the 1980s! People dug out the houses because of the better climate and because it was cheaper--you could repay the people you hired to dig it out by selling the dirt. The never got more then 10 or 12 meters deep so that there could be enough sunlight, and some of them were really just too adorable. We had lots of fun running around the labyrinthine village and picking which houses we ours, etc. They weren't all houses either--they had stables, communal eating areas, and even a huge gathering hall they used as a church!

This is from Puy de Fou, look on Wiki about it (what I went to is at the bottom under the Cinescenie heading). I actually went a few weekends ago but only got time to put it up now. It was an incredible show that went through almost a millennium of history of the region, with different acts for each period in time, such as medieval jousting, Renaissance dancing, revolutionary war battles, and even up to World War II. They did amazing things with live animals, lights, and sound--the stained glass windows in the pictures are huge fountains with light being shined on them. The entire show was in French but there wasn't THAT much speaking, it was more a show for the eyes, and it really was amazing. It happens each weekend after sunset during the summer, and each showing attracts about 14,000 people. Wow. It's put together by the town of Puy du Fou, and almost the entire village participates. My monitrice sat next to me and said she is normally in it each weekend! She pointed out the dances she was a part of. Very cool. (photo credit to my friend Matt M. for some of these.)

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