domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009

weekend with a host family in the Vendée region

So I had the chance this weekend to go to the little town of Saint Gilles Croix de Vie in the department of Vendée which is on the coast and about 2 hours from here. We literally got put on a bus and when we got to the town, a middle school English teacher (who had a daughter who went to ND for a year, thus the connection) called our names one by one, gave us away to a family and said "ok be back at 1pm on Sunday!" Nerve-wracking? I think yes. But it turned out wonderfully, as these things often do. My family included Lisa, 14 and Pauline, 17, and their parents. The dad, who had hurt his back and was out of commission for the weekend, used to be a potter and they had gorgeous pieces of pottery all over the house. All of the dishes and everything were made by him. It was left up to the girls and the mom, Isabelle, to show me around, and they did a wonderful job of it. They drove me all over the place, to different beaches and islands and even a creperie, hehee. I spoke french the ENTIRE weekend too. Go me. So yep. here are some pictures from that little adventure. Enjoy.

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  1. Ooh! Greeaat photos! You are such an artisti cphotographer! And it was wonderful to talk to you a long time today!