domingo, 25 de outubro de 2009

dinner and campus

Picture post time.

Weekends are quiet here, for me at least, because lots of people travel every weekend, and as I lack the funds to do so, I find myself somewhat lonely much of the time. But it's a nice time to catch up on sleep and laze around, or meet up with other people that I don't usually hang out with, so it's a nice thing. Doing nothing does get kind of old, because I'm used to having close to no free time at all at school, but I try to keep myself occupied. Today I Skyped with the family for an hour and with Shelly for an hour 45. Very nice.

On to pictures:
Ashley and I made dinner with Austin at his house the other day. Veggie pasta with pesto sauce, and blanched broccoli. Complete with a 3 Euro bottle of white wine. Mmmmm.
And on a particularly pretty Sunday I found myself outside the Catho. Here's the main building which holds most classrooms. Not particularly gorgeous, haha, but that's about as pretty as it gets.

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