terça-feira, 27 de outubro de 2009

2 month marker: cheers and jeers

after being in France for 2 full months now, (well, more or less) here are some things I feel I can say.

Things I miss: JEER to their lack.
--chips and salsa. rice. fruit juice. pão de queijo. garden dinners. subway (sadly).
--riding in cars. better yet, driving a car. but mostly just their convenience.
--buses that run frequently. biggest. annoyance. ever.
--being busy and/or having a job.
--free food, be it Subway, home, or the DH; paying for every meal sucks.
--my daddy's or Pappy's back massages. my shoulders hurt.
--having a sink in my room. or near my room. or even just having a bathroom on the same floor.
--a jeer to creaky spiral staircases. they're an integral part of every French building.
--being able to wear bright colors without getting looked at funny. (seriously.)
--my friends, and the fam.

PLUS: big huge jeer to the exchange rate. ew.

Things I love: CHEERS for France!
--living in a city vs a campus. though it definitely brings back high school memories.
--the brand new fireplace and the frequent wood fires my host family has. makes me feel like a kid again.
--the bread. and wine. I never thought either could taste so good. really.
--my bicycle and how often I can use it.
--having my OWN room. it's been a looong time.
--the wall mounted space heater I have in my bathroom because there's no heat. nothing like standing in front of that after a shower. doubles as a hair dryer too. wooooo.
--kebabs. nuff said.
--free drinks because we know one of the bar owners.
--my new friends. =]
--having a bus pass: hop on hop off, whenever I want. Thanks ND for payin.
--the fact that even still this week it's in the 60s.
--time to sleep, read, watch tv, do nothing.
--the fact that the french love rainbows: the color scheme, not the arc you find in the sky. par exemple, the official scheme of the city's public transportation system is some very gaudy rainbow stripes. I'll take and post a picture of the side of a bus sometime.
--looking at pretty french people. they're all way too gorgeous.

2 comentários:

  1. mmm... you miss... creaky spiral staircases?
    Hee hee!

    Loved the post. Makes me 1. cringe for a fireplace and 2. rejoice to have bought 2 space heaters.

  2. -I miss chips and salsa too! We've started making our own. It's not exactly the salsa I know you're craving, but it's so much better than nothing.
    -Do you really not have fruit juice?
    -Creaky spiral staircases should be in the cheer section.
    -ND pays for your bus pass?? REALLY?

    i just remembered that i get to see you very soon. (right?)